El fanning lost consciousness at one of the events at the Cannes film festival

The actress became ill during the gala dinner

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Эль Фаннинг потеряла сознание на одном из мероприятий Каннского кинофестиваля

El Fanning

During the Cannes film festival 2019 at the azure coast of France with one of the star guests had a nasty accident. Namely, 21-year-old star of “Maleficent’s” Elle fanning became ill during the gala dinner of Chopard Trophee.

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According to the publication Variety, the Hollywood actress lost consciousness and fell off his chair. Next to a celebrity was sitting by her sister Dakota, who helped El to rise, after which they took the guards and fanning received medical treatment. Many stars who was sitting next to was seriously scared and offered their assistance.

The reason for that could be a tight corset. The actress for the release of the secular chose a beige dress with a nipped waist and a full skirt from Prada. She probably just didn’t have enough air.

Эль Фаннинг потеряла сознание на одном из мероприятий Каннского кинофестиваля

Elle fanning in Prada dress

Recall that the crew of “Today,” visited the fitting of the dress the star of the TV series “Melrose” and learned, for one of the guests sew the Ukrainian designers. Photos from the opening ceremony can be viewed at the link.

Note that on the second day of the festival came celebrity guests, this event did not miss and the young American actress Elle fanning. Her appearance was one of the remarkable and chic dress with flower pattern from the couture house of Valentino.

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