Elderly or sick people and essential workers, priority for a vaccine

Personnes âgées ou malades et travailleurs essentiels, prioritaires pour un vaccin

The United States intends to give priority to the elderly, citizens with a medical history and workers so-called essential once found a vaccine against the COVID-19, said Tuesday a top official of the administration to Trump.

In the framework of the operation ” Warp Speed “, the u.s. government hopes to deliver 300 million doses of vaccine by January 2021 (almost the equivalent of the population of the u.s.), through funding and support to laboratories.

“Before any vaccine is approved or authorized, the Operation Warp Speed will put in place the plans and infrastructure necessary to distribute it,” said the manager.

The authorities plan to distribute vaccine using a methodology that is followed for a long time for influenza pandemics.

“The elderly, those with a past medical history, and the people providing essential services would be given priority,” said the manager.

“However, what people can and should receive a vaccine, this will depend on the results of clinical trials “, he added.

A second in charge stressed that the safety of the vaccine candidates was not yet known, and that it was possible that it turns out that they are not adapted to certain demographic categories.

In addition, added this official, ” we expect that there is (…) 20, 30, 40 million Americans who are likely to have strong antibodies to the sars coronavirus by the end of the year, they would be so much less priority “.

Although the development of a vaccine safe is not 100% guaranteed, the officials indicated that the goal was to have enough vaccine by the peak of the next flu season to vaccinate the vulnerable and hoping for a vaccine.

The insurance companies have said that they plan to provide the vaccines to the clients without additional cost, according to officials.

Among the major vaccine candidates is that developed by AstraZeneca with the university of Oxford, which will come in the last phase of testing this summer.

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