Elderly Volochkova on his “celebration of life” gave a master class in seduction: “are you Going to take out the trash…”, video

Престарелая Волочкова на своем "празднике жизни" дала мастер-класс по обольщению: "Будешь мусор выносить...", видео

today, 21:12

Famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova has celebrated birthday. It is known that professional seamstresses twine has been 44 years. Nastya during the celebration shared the secrets of seduction men, secrets she revealed to their guests.

This became known thanks to a new video on YouTube.

The birthday girl Anastasia spends on your holiday master class on how to seduce men: “Girls record: taking out the trash-have elegant, suddenly on the way to Baku will meet the fate. Nastya is always dressed up — even for a birthday make-up or did not cause the make-up itself. Dress, obviously, was also chosen without any help.”, – journalists write of one of the Russian editions.

Recall that Volochkova made the proposal, who will become the future husband of the ballerina with a difficult character.

As reported Znayu oligarchs, patrons and stars of Hollywood: what men Volochkova “catches” on your splits.

Znayu wrote Volochkova – 44: a fun ballerina splits that messed up all the nerves Shnurova.

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