Elected a new Secretary General of the International basketball Federation

Обрано нового генерального секретаря Міжнародної федерації баскетболу

To work SACLs will start 8 Dec

On Friday, December 7, in Zurich, Switzerland by open ballot elected the new Secretary General of FIBA.

This reports the press service of the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

They became the Greek Andreas SACLs.

Before that, 38-year-old Andreas two years held the position of Director of the legal service of FIBA.

And basketball in General have devoted more than twenty years of his life.

To work SACLs will start on December 8th.

Recall that the position in FIBA was opened on the 13th of October, when in Buenos Aires died incumbent, at that time, Secretary-General Patrick Baumann.

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