Elected officials in montreal’s bombarded with e-mails

Les élus montréalais bombardés de courriels

MONTREAL – Three days after a major peaceful demonstration in Montreal in support of George Floyd, elected officials, montrealers are constantly bombarded with emails from citizens denouncing the budget of the SPVM, learned VAT News.

Citizens have decided to keep up the pressure by requiring elected officials to engage in a reform of the police and prisons to protect the most vulnerable, they write in the message where they even go so far as to accuse the City to fund the racial profiling.

Ignoring for the moment who is behind this campaign. The elect have received the same email in both French and English. Citizens under real identities who sign e-mails.

“It is a cry of the heart that comes in a particular context and, for them, they start to ask for more transparency on the part of the police work,” commented the vice-president of the Commission of public safety of the City of Montreal and representative of the opposition, Abdelhaq Sari.

The opposition says understanding the cry of the hearts of the citizens because the plans put in place for the past ten years would not have had the desired impact.

Extract from e-mail

“Dear.e advisor.e of the City of Montreal,

I write to you today to express my outrage concerning the operational budget of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), which comes to a total of 665 to $ 300,000 (Budget 2020). This is almost 11 % of the annual budget of the City of Montreal.

The purpose of the SPVM is to protect the population of montreal and to maintain peace and security. However, our city is becoming dangerous through the funding of racial profiling and use of excessive force. As all the departments police officers in North America, the SPVM has killed systematically black people innocent non-armed through the years. It is imperative that the administration of Montreal will ensure that this no longer happens.”

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