Elections-2019: as voted Ukrainian stars in the second round

Look who of the stars of Ukrainian show business have already voted in the election on April 21

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Выборы-2019: как голосовали украинские звезды во втором туре

Elections-2019: as voted Ukrainian stars in the second round

Sunday, April 21, Ukrainians will again have to vote in favor of their new President. Today is the second round of the presidential elections, which has managed to attend many celebrity. In the material Today. Lifestyle look who of the stars of the Ukrainian show-business supported their candidate in the elections of 2019.

One of the first palm Sunday voted TV presenter Masha Efrosinina. In her blog she published a photo in the signature which told why it is so important to go to the polls. “I will go and vote with your heart. I do not care! Not least because to tomorrow with a clear conscience to get back to important matters… And advise you!”, – I wrote to Maria.

Another Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadchaya reported to followers, sharing a picture from the polling station. The star published in Instagram a selfie and urged everyone to vote.

Выборы-2019: как голосовали украинские звезды во втором туре

The marathon photograph the polling station was supported by TV presenter Alexandr Pedan. “Gromadyanska obov’yazok wykonano!”, – he wrote.

His colleague Serhiy Prytula shared with subscribers photo like this. Showman voted today in Transcarpathia. “Var yati vzhe progolosuvali! A VI??!!”, – signed selfie is a leading.

“For the first time voted! Long thought, I hope I did the right thing. Proud of myself!” – surprised fans member of the group “Neangely” Glory Kaminska.

Oleg Vinnik gave a vote for the new Ukrainian President, while in Berlin. “Gromadyanska sviy obov’yazok before kranou wicona. Bajan we zlagodi the world. WRU have Svitle future of Ukraine.”, he wrote in Instagram.

Ekaterina Buzhinskaya also published a photo where posing near the box with the ballots. “Gromadyanska obov’yazok vicinale! God! Beregi of Ukraine”, – signed photo of the star.

Alex Potapenko (Potapov) took to the polls son Andrew. “For the future” – briefly put, the producer.

Singer Jamal took a short video in which he told followers that are going to vote along with her husband. “Be a dear! Vote!”, – added motivational inscription star.

Выборы-2019: как голосовали украинские звезды во втором туре

TV presenter Yury Gorbunov boasted here’s a photo of the Bulletin. “”Gromadyanskiy obov’yazok – wykonano!”, – said the husband of Katya Osadchaya.

Recall that earlier we talked about how in the second round of presidential elections voted Maryna Poroshenko and Elena Zelensky.

In this video, see on of the strangest programs of candidates in presidents from around the world:

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