Elections in America: the hacker attack accused 12 spies from Russia

Выборы в Америке: в хакерской атаке обвинили 12 разведчиков из РФ

Special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller, authorised to investigate Russian involvement in the presidential election of 2016, was accused of 12 Russian intelligence officers of involvement in the hacking attack on servers of the Democratic party during the election campaign.

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As reported by “New time” with reference to CNBC.com in the indictment it is said that the Russian spies hacked into the servers of the national Committee of the US Democratic party and mail, Hillary Clinton, and published the stolen emails with the aim to influence the outcome of elections.

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It is reported that the Grand jury in the district of Columbia issued an indictment against 12 Russian citizens for alleged involvement in hacking attacks.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the USA revealed the impact of partner Manafort on the formation of a Pro-Russian strategy trump.

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