Electric cars will soar in price: Elon Musk called the cause

From may 1 the cost of Tesla electric cars will rise due to the expensive options

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Today, 06:47

Электромобили взлетят в цене: Илон Маск назвал причину

The price of the Tesla will rise by thousands of dollars

Elon Musk on Twitter warned potential buyers that may 1, the price of electric vehicles will increase significantly. The rise in price is because the option autopilot “self-movement” (Full Self-Driving) will now be included in all new Tesla cars, in addition to most affordable Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range).

According to the CEO of Tesla, the price of Full Self-Driving will increase by approximately $ 3,000. Now this option is $ 5000 when you add during checkout.

Full autopilot Self-Driving are able to Park and leave to the owner a call, to automatically determine the optimal route to the destination on the Navigator and motion for him to go on the highway, automatically rearranging between the bands and turning the curves of the roads.

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However, the option is not yet implemented fully. Until the end of the year, the company plans to teach the system to recognize and appropriately respond to the STOP signs and traffic signals, and automatically move on the roads within the city. Musk says that in the next couple of years once the system will provide a completely Autonomous movement.

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