Elena Kravets of “95 Quarter” boasted deep cleavage: hot photos will deprive you of sleep

Елена Кравец из "Квартала 95" похвасталась глубоким декольте: жаркое фото лишит вас сна

Elena Kravets

Famous Ukrainian actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz has pleased fans with a candid black-and-white photography. The appeared on the official page of “Kvartal 95” in the social network Instagram.

So, Elena posed for the camera in a white shirt with unbuttoned buttons at the neckline. Fans immediately noticed that underwear under her clothes at Kravets is missing.

Note that after the first round, the artist is not particularly active in social networks, as in the presidential race, her colleague at the stage of the Vladimir Zelensky. Because of this, this photo caused quite a stir among fans of Helena.

In review subscribers kvartalova and the people who care about creativity Kravets reacted positively to the black-and-white photo. The majority came to the delight of her appearance and natural beauty.

“As a young wine every day better” “Magic!”, “Princess,” “Sexy,” he wrote to fans in the comments.

By the way, just recently, Elena Kravets and others artist “Women’s Quarter” took part in a Frank photo shoot. On a black and white photo of Elena Kravets poses in dress with deep neckline that bares her shoulders and chest, while also emphasizes exquisite shape. In turn, the Ukrainians fell asleep Kravets compliments in the comments.

Елена Кравец из "Квартала 95" похвасталась глубоким декольте: жаркое фото лишит вас сна

Elena Kravets

Recall that the Studio “Kvartal 95” is always in his speeches touches on very relevant topics for the Ukrainian society. This time they presented a miniature of the modern police.

As reported by the portal Znayu Studio “Quarter-95” has shot a funny video, which made fun of the situation with the elections of the President of Ukraine in the ancient Roman style. Comedians dressed in togas, and the main character wearing a Golden crown.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Elena Kravets in an interview told the details about how her life appeared difficult choice. About your first pregnancy she found out at the beginning of the Studio “Kvartal 95”.


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