Elena Stepanenko wiped his nose young wife Petrosyan, on the new photos the star did not know

Елена Степаненко утерла нос молодой жене Петросяна, на новом фото звезду не узнать

Elena Stepanenko, a screenshot from the video

today, 08:41

For a long time after a scandalous divorce from 74-year-old Yevgeny Petrosyan comic actress Elena Stepanenko gave interviews and appeared at public events. Recently, however, she did come out into the light, began to speak and answer questions. In the social network Instagram on the page of the humorist Sergey Drobotenko appeared it shared with Stepanenko photo, which the actress just did not know.

As can be seen, in front of the camera Elena G. appeared in a stylish black and white dress that emphasized postroynevshaya figure. Her hair beautifully laid, and the face of a light makeup and almost invisible wrinkles. The followers don’t recognize the artist, noting her weight loss and overall appearance, some have even suggested that Stepanenko has resorted to services of plastic surgeons. It is worth Recalling that the crisis of relations with Petrosyan Elena lost a lot of weight, dropping 46 pounds. According to her, this result brought her the right food.

Елена Степаненко утерла нос молодой жене Петросяна, на новом фото звезду не узнать

A screenshot of the post Drobotenko in Instagram

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Recall, Petrosyan “pay off” billions from Stepanenko after a divorce.

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Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the new wife Petrosyan is preparing to become a mother? Unknown facts about complete opposites Stepanenko.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that a new wife Petrosian was more severe Stepanenko.

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