Elite 3 season : Danna Paola as she revealed the death of a character with this photo ?

Elite saison 3 : Danna Paola a-t-elle révélé la mort d'un personnage avec cette photo ?

Elite season 3 : this photo of Danna Paola and Jorge Lopez is it a spoiler ?

The release date of season 3 of the Elite has not yet been unveiled on Netflix but we know that it will have to wait until 2020 to discover the result of the series Spanish. Very little info has been circulating on what we can expect, but Danna Paola, which plays the role of Lu may be sold the wick on a key scene by posting a photo on Instagram. The actress has said she spoilé the death of a character ?

The season 3 Elite is already in the box ! The actors have finished filming the new episodes that should happen before the summer of 2020 if we are to believe Danna Paola. The mexican actress also seems to want to teaser that awaits the fans… even in spoiler a few.

The photo, which casts doubt

A few days ago, that the interpreter Read in the Elite has posted on Instagram a photo novel of the shooting. She poses in the company of Jorge Lopez who plays Valerio in the series and with whom she is not in a couple (she denied rumors of a love affair recently). But this is what we can see in the second image plane which has alerted fans of the series from Netflix : there are tombs and arrangements of flowers. It therefore seems quite likely that it is a scene of a funeral and, therefore, that a character will die in the sequel of the series.

It eats spoilers for breakfast. Grandma, we are still waiting for the inheritance, “wrote the actress in caption of the image. Should you understand that the grandmother of the characters is going to die ? Or the legend is she supposed to fool the fans ? A death would not be so surprising in the result ofElite, it was even one of our theories on what will happen in season 3. Only remains to be patient to learn more.

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