Elite season 3 : the couple Omar and Ander in danger ? Info Omar Ayuso

Elite saison 3 : le couple d'Omar et Ander en danger ? Les infos d'Omar Ayuso

Elite season 3 : the couple Omar and Ander in danger ? Info Omar Ayuso

While the filming of season 3 of the Elite is finished, Netflix has not yet announced the date of the release. In the meantime, the first info starts to fall. We learn today that the sequel to the series in Spanish will be “darker” and “shocking” and that the couple Omar and Ander will be in danger. Danna Paola and Omar Ayuso trust.

After the surprise ending of the season 2 Elite (Polo was released by the police after the disappearance of the trophy with which he killed Marina), one wonders what will happen in season 3, scheduled for 2020 on Netflix. The co-creator of the series Spanish, Dario Madrona, has given some clues, like the fact that there will be a new mystery, that the result will be “complicated” for Guzman and Nadia, or that Samuel and Guzman will have more scenes together.

Prepare yourself for season 3 of the Elite “darker” and “shocking”

But this is not all : Ester Exposito (Carla) has announced the arrival of two new characters after She (Georgina Amoros), Valerio (Jorge Lopez) and Rebeca (Claudia Salas) in season 2 ofElite. Who are they ? Shaurya, played by Leïte J. Sene, and Malick, interpreted by Sergio Momo. So for the moment, their role is still set, Omar Ayuso reveals, in an interview with Okdiario, that one of them will put in danger the couple of Ander and Omar. How is it ? Well, the brother of Nadia has “a very close relationship” with Shaurya or Malick, which will take away from his boyfriend. Oh no ! Should we expect the break-up of Omander ? Fans of the duo lovers hope not.

For his part, Danna Paola (Lu) promises a more “darker“, “strong“, “powerful” and “shocking“. Omar Ayuso states that aficionados of the series will have a “need tissues and a psychologist“. Wow, it feels not very good. Some users already know that one of the characters is going to die and, according to them, it could well be Ander (Aron Piper) : a theory according to which it is critically ill is appeared on the Canvas. Scary !

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