Elizabeth Banks (Charlie’s Angels) : “Kristen Stewart is very funny in life” (Interview)

Elizabeth Banks interview on Purebreak for the release of Charlie’s Angels

Merry Christmas… and good fighting ! It is this Wednesday, December 25, is released in theaters, Charlie’s Angels, a new film about the world of Funny Ladies. An action movie successfully directed by Elizabeth Banks that we could see in front of the cameras in the Hunger Games or Pitch Perfect. PRBK interviewed the director, who also holds a key role in the film. The opportunity to talk to us about the shooting but also of Kristen Stewart. No, the former star of Twilight is not as cold as we think !

Girl power, big explosions, humor, and scenes of fighting is surprising is the appointment of Charlie’s Angels, in theaters this Wednesday, December 25. If the film has not cardstock across the Atlantic, yet it has everything to please to begin with his casting. After being devoted to films that are more independent (which he won a César as best supporting actress), Kristen Stewart is back in a blockbuster, 7 years after the end of Twilight. The actress is amazing in the role of Sabina…, which, however, is not so far away from what it is in life.

“It is really very funny”

A few weeks ago, PRBK was able to meet the stars of Charlie’s Angels (soon find the interview of the three main actresses on the site), including Elizabeth Banks. We asked her how she had convinced Kristen Stewart to take part in the project. “I have partly convinced Kristen to play in the film, saying : ‘Nobody saw you like this before. I want you to be very open and funny, I know you can be’.” we will she entrusted. Excited by the project, who made a name in Twilight all of a sudden accept to play a leading role. It must be said that, according to Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart is really different from the image we can have of it. “She wanted to really be relax as it is in life. It is really very funny.” entrust the star.

In our interview to see it in full in our slideshow, Elizabeth Banks also refers to the winks of the Charlie’s Angels films and the series, we speak to Naomi Scott, but also the filming of the action scenes.

Charlie’s Angels, in theaters this Wednesday, December 25.

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