Elizabeth II birthday girl: how to change the style of the Queen for her reign

How to look Royal – the evolution of the style of Her Majesty

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Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

British Queen Elizabeth II

Today, April 21, the day of Catholic Easter the Queen of England Elizabeth II celebrates 93 years. Throughout his reign of England, Her Majesty’s outfits have undergone evolution from the style of the Princess to the monarch.

Today.Lifestyle decided to demonstrate how to change the style of Elizabeth II.

1947 – wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

November 20, 1947 the then Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip. The work on the dress of Elizabeth was two months: 25 10 seamstresses and embroiderers under the leadership of star designer Norman Hartnell. In the end, the Queen walked down the aisle in a tight satin dress, embroidered with meaningful symbolic flowers of orange blossom, Jasmine and white rose. It was a long 4-foot Flex cable.

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

The main decorations of Elizabeth was the tiara, and two necklaces – “Queen Anne” and “Queen Caroline” – the last pearl necklace belonged to the wife of king George II.

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

21-year-old Princess Elizabeth in delicate dress with a pearl necklace

1953 – coronation ceremony

After the death of the incumbent king George VI in 1952, Princess Elizabeth became Queen, which today is considered one of the reigning monarchs. A year later on 2 June 1953 in London was held the ceremony of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

For such an important event in your life while still young Princess chose a luxurious and truly Royal outfit – beige dress, embroidered with gold thread, a crown and long mantle of white. Elizabeth became the ruler of England when she was only 27 years old.

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

The coronation of Elizabeth II – 2 June 1953

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

Luxurious dress with diamond jewelry for the ceremony of the coronation

The second half of the 1950s – early 1990s

This period was the most active in the life of the Queen – various overseas trips, meetings and official receptions, which were sewed the most beautiful clothes for the newly minted Queen. In those years the style of Queen Elizabeth II was said to fashion trends and the most interesting – Her Majesty wore pantsuits. Now she mostly prefers dresses or suits with a skirt-MIDI.

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

Queen Elizabeth II with her husband Philip, daughter Anna and son Charles

This photo was taken September 2, 1952, in the backyard of Balmoral castle. Queen Elizabeth II family – daughter Anna and son Charles, and her husband Philip – posing in a green kit, which consists of a skirt-pleated and classic jacket. As we can see, since they are very young Her Majesty was partial to precious brooches. This element of her wardrobe was unchanged for 66 years of her reign.

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

Queen Elizabeth II with the blue dress on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of marriage with her husband Philip

But with 1980’s style English Queen is changing her wardrobe appear more bright outfits and accessories – ladies ‘ hats with the decor. Overall, then, the fashion trends has changed dramatically – in place of the heavy fabrics in the cage came in a light chiffon with colorful patterns and peas.

Queen Elizabeth II on horse racing in green dress – 1980, godfat: Getty Madeee Majesty during a visit to Algeria in a red suit with white, Garofolo: Getty Madelinot II in a luxurious pink dress – 1980, godfat: Getty MADERALIA Britain in Morocco tried an unusual headdress of red flowers – 1980, godfat: Getty Madelinot II in a red chiffon dress, along with her husband Philip, 1982 godfathe: Getty Madera blue image of the British Queen in the Solomon Islands – 1982, godfat: Getty Images1/6

The wedding of the son of Charles and Princess Diana

29 July 1981 the wedding of the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. It was lush and loud for the whole world celebration, to which the British Queen appeared in a gentle manner – a blue silk dress with a pleated MIDI skirt

Елизавета II именинница: как менялся стиль королевы за годы ее правления

Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding of the son in the blue outfit

Of the accessories in the Royal manner harmoniously combined hat and bag to match the outfit, and the shoes, Her Majesty chose the white shoes. And, of course, of the ornaments we see the Queen on her favorite pearl necklace and brooch.

Bright clothes, and hats – a tradition: modern Queen style

Since 2000 years the style of the British Queen begins to change dramatically. Elizabeth II appeared in public only in dresses with coats or suits with skirts. The main attribute of all images is a hat with flowers or feathers. Increasingly she begins to hide no longer young hands under long gloves and shoes always shoes to go low from favorite brand Anello & Davide. Of decorations we always see precious brooches and necklaces with pearls.

The Royal way in 2004 – purple coat with a hat with catamite: Getty Maderensis and unexpected outfit of the Queen at the party in Wales – 2005 godfathe: Getty Madelinot II in the blue image on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of his mother Elizabeth – 2000 godfathe: Getty Madelinot II in a flower suit and hat in new York – 2010, godfat: Getty Madegreat suit with gold accents – the image of the Queen on horse racing in 2010, godovoe: Getty MADERALIA Britain Elizabeth II in the blue coat and hat, decor, 2015, godfat: Getty Madev bright blue coat and a precious brooch Queen posing in Kennington – 2016 godfathe: Getty Madev early 2019 we saw the Queen only in bright neryadovoe: Getty Madew orange the way the Queen smiles during a visit to the Museum of London – 2019Фото: Getty Madelinot II in the hat with the decor and diamond brooch – the last exit before the day of raiderette: Getty Images1/10

According to the biographer of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen has a good reason why she always wears bright clothes. Her Majesty chooses monochrome colored clothes to stand out from the crowd, otherwise no one will know. As for hats, it is the tradition of the Royal family. Until the 1950s, women had to cover their heads, so nobody can see their hair.

Even today, the British Queen appears on the official event hat and the handkerchief or the crown.

Also in honor of the birthday of the Queen of England we have made a selection of the brightest and most beautiful outfits of Queen Elizabeth II, whom she delighted the audience during the last year.

In spite of Royal etiquette and the protocols that Elizabeth II is a living person, which can happen unpredictable and awkward moments.

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