Elizabeth II did not recognize the tourists in the street, she decided to make a joke

Head to the British throne was in a funny situation while walking

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Елизавету II не узнали туристы на улице: она решила пошутить

Elizabeth II

Near Scottish Balmoral castle with the Queen Elizabeth II there was a funny curiosity: the American tourists did not recognize the head of state. Her Majesty did not lose her and decided to make fun of them. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

While walking to the Queen was approached by American tourists and asked if she had not met ever with the Queen. Elizabeth replied in the affirmative to the first question, adding: “I don’t. Not met. But this COP – Yes,” replied Elizabeth, nodding towards his companion. Understood, but as the vacationers that head to the British throne, the publication does not specify.

Watch the video on how Queen Elizabeth II took at home of Donald trump:

Elizabeth II often jokes. For example, during a visit to Northern Ireland she spoke about the state of his health. Then in the Hillsborough castle in Belfast met monarch with the Deputy first Minister of Northern Ireland Martin Machinescom. The politician greeted the Queen and asked how she was doing. “Anyway, I’m still alive”, she replied.

Earlier “Today” I wrote in Buckingham Palace was an unusual scandal: Queen Elizabeth II fired the supplier of underwear. Master of corsets and underwear worked with the Royal family for 57 years. In addition, the British Queen Elizabeth II gave the Ukrainians their congratulations with independence Day of the country.

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