Ellen DeGeneres is no exception to the wave of protests

Ellen DeGeneres n’échappe pas à la vague de manifestations

I digress a little the only political sphere to emphasize how there is not that the decision-makers who walk on eggshells at a time when the country is still marked by racial manifestations.

It is the turn of Ellen DeGeneres and her production team in responding to allegations of racism. This is not trivial if one considers the image of the star. DeGeneres, it is the joy, the generosity, the sharing, trust and inclusion. But in an environment as polarized, it becomes very difficult to satisfy everyone and to escape the critical.

You may remember that DeGeneres had already gone through a little storm last year after the broadcast of a photo in the company of George W. Bush. Her companion and she were attending a game of Dallas Cowboys in the company of the former president.

How a progressive gay Hollywood could she be the girlfriend of a conservative republican? If I regard the incident as trivial, or even ridiculous, the sling was serious and the facilitator was explained. Should we maintain friendships with people who share our point of view? I don’t know about you, but if this is the case, I should drastically reduce the circle of my friends!

Ellen DeGeneres has responded well to “the episode that George W. Bush”, but the attacks directed towards his production team seem to me to be this time more severe. Former employees of the show reporting a workplace culture that is particularly toxic. At the heart of the complaints, the racism.

A dozen women, mostly black, argue that they were laid off unexpectedly and because of the color of their skin. The allegations of racism, added to deplorable working conditions; low remuneration, medical coverage, inadequate and insecure.

The charges are particularly serious and it complains that the host does not sufficiently involved in the management of its emission. It goes without saying that this situation could be detrimental to the program, as well as for the reputation of DeGeneres.

These denunciations may be well-founded, we will know eventually. I’m interested because this situation demonstrates how the racial issue is a particularly important issue in 2020. This is not the first time, but this time it’s displeasure is most ardent, and the protests continue even if the american media makes coverage less sustained.

I come back to the presidential campaign to close this ticket. You believe that Joe Biden still has the option of not choosing a colistière black? Already there are months that I am convinced that it is his best option, that he must go beyond fine words or promises to deliver the goods.

It may well talking about of Elizabeth Warren, but keep an eye (or both eyes!) on Kamala Harris, Val Demings, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Stacey Abrams and Susan Rice. These are all competent women who each have something valuable to offer.

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