Elodie Fontan (trapped) explains his departure from Clem : “I knew that I needed to stop”

Elodie Fontan (Prise au piège) explique son départ de Clem : "Je savais qu'il fallait que j'arrête"

Elodie Fontan (trapped) explains his departure from Clem : “I knew that I needed to stop”

After ten years spent in the role of Alyzée, Elodie Fontan has made the decision to leave Clem during season 9, but in reality, his departure was well thought out for some time. The actress caught in the trap (new series on M6) is going back on its choice which has obviously not been easy.

“You do not leave a team so easily”

Season 10 of Clem will be no Elodie Fontan. Don’t panic, you can find the actress in trapped, the new series of M6 is adapted from a show in Spanish with the stars of The Casa de Papel. With this new project, she realized her desire to explore other characters, and this is the main reason why she chose to leave Clem during season 9. This decision has obviously been taken on a whim.

As explained Elodie Fontan interview with Tv Star, she has reflected on her departure during the last season : “My first questions are arrived at by season 8. The following year, I knew that I needed to stop. I didn’t want to get tired, nor weary the public. I felt it was the right time to shoot my bow, but it does not leave so easily a team that we love deeply. That said, we keep in touch. To life.

“I was scared I’d end up getting bored a bit of the character”

The accomplice of Philippe Lacheau is also back on his choice to from Clem in an interview to Allociné : “It was awesome, but I want to embody other characters, to move to other projects, to other horizons. I was scared I’d end up getting bored a little of the character and tired people. And I had especially not wanted that. So I thought that I had to start at the right time and as projects came in at this time there next, I told myself that it was time to leave. But it has been well thought through, I spoke with the production. This is not a decision taken in a hurry. And I managed to finish my last season of Clem while I was shooting trap at the same time.

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