Elodie (Married at first sight 2020) : his twin sister is criticized, she takes his defense

Elodie (Mariés au premier regard 2020) : sa soeur jumelle critiquée, elle prend sa défense

Elodie (Married at first sight) : his sister is criticized, she takes his defense

If Elodie and Joaquim live a véritabe fairy tale in the episode of Married at first sight 4 aired on Monday 20 January 2020 on M6, a shadow loomed over the table : the twin sister of the bride-to-be wipes lot of criticism on the social networks, having said that the brother of Joaquim was more beautiful than him. Elodie has spoken on Instagram and come to the defence of his sister.

Unlike Melody, and Adrien, it is a real stroke of lightning that Elodie and Joaquim have had one for the other in Married at first sight. The two candidates are immediately liked it and were very pleasant to one another. An alchemy that has made the dream of many viewers, who have pointed to the fact that they were cute together. Unfortunately, some have learned that one thing about the twin sister, Elodie, who made it clear during the wedding ceremony that she didn’t like too much Joaquim, and she thought that her brother was better.

After the criticisms of his sister, Elodie takes the word

That has shocked many viewers and on which Elodie had wanted to return to in a video released this morning on Instagram. After thanking the viewers for their support and beautiful messages, it takes the defense of his sister who has been strongly criticised on the social networks. “I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that there are montages of facts. I was expecting necessarily by participating in this experience. I do not question the work of a madman that has been made by the production. I am simply concerned with the fact that you can’t judge a person on an extract of 5 seconds. My sister has a lot to me.”

“My sister is very saddened by all the comments that are said on it”

If it has not much view in the show, She ensures that she was present for her special day : “We have a love that is indescribable. My sister has been present off-camera, and my sister appreciates it much, much, much Joaquim, and, in any case, his words are true. She repeats just what was said by my grand-mother. […] I think it would be out of the mouth of my grand-mother directly, it would not have happened like that.” She says that her sister has been severely affected by the criticism : “My sister is very saddened by all the comments that are said about her and you can’t judge someone based on the physical. My sister is not more beautiful than me, it is beautiful both of them.”

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