Elodie (Married at first sight 3) separated from her fiancé : the sad announcement

Elodie (Mariés au premier regard 3) séparée de son fiancé : la triste annonce

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Elodie (Married at first sight 3) separated from her fiancé

It is finished between Elodie and her fiance. The one that you have known in Married at first sight 3 on M6, was separated from her companion. After having divorced from Steven, she had finally found love with a stranger and had to marry him. But the wedding is cancelled, as was suggested by the former candidate.

Elodie divorced and now separated

In Married at first sight on the M6, Elodie was married to Steven. But after being told “yes”, the couple had finally divorced. Despite this break, the candidate seemed to have regained the smile, and especially love in the arms of another man. The latter, whose name remains unknown, even became his fiancé. Except that unfortunately, their relationship would not have lasted either. As our colleagues from Purepeople have noticed, the pretty blonde announced the sad news on this Friday December 6, 2019, in its story Instagram.

“One day, someone will come into my life. Who are you ? I will own them. When ? I will wait for you… Where ? Little matter, since I know that you will come. One day, someone” said Elodie, admitting as well that his relationship is over. A separation which does not prevent the young woman to stay strong.

“Nobody will come to save me, nobody but me”

In his long message, Elodie is also sent to women reminding them that they are not the men who are the stars of their lives, but themselves. She also recalled that the image of the knight on his white horse coming to save a damsel in distress is only a tale and not the reality : “no one will come to save me, nobody except me. Then I address myself to you ladies, the heroine of your stories, it is you. Please, save yourself because nobody else will do it”.

“Get up, take you by the hand, position yourself in front a mirror and admire this brave woman, bold, beautiful and intelligent as you are. You have need of you, then do not. You are your solution” added that you follow-up in the season 3 of Married at first sight, before we discuss about the prince charming : “Wake up, prince charming is a little capricious so that you don’t deserve”.

Despite the highs and the lows, the romances that start and then stop, Elodie is a firm believer that loving yourself is the most important : “Then yes, life will dent, but it survives, it survives still. Fight for you ! Attention I do not say that this is going to be easy, this is going to be terribly difficult. You’re going to have to confront yourself with yourself, forgive yourself, learn to love yourself. But this will by far be your most beautiful battle”.

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