Elon Musk challenges Twitter to prove the proportion of fake accounts

Elon Musk challenges Twitter to prove proportion of fake accounts< /p> UPDATE DAY

Elon Musk on Saturday challenged the boss of Twitter to publicly discuss and prove the proportion of fake accounts on the social network, a point of disagreement put forward by the American multi-billionaire to withdraw his offer of purchase, initiating a legal battle. 

“If Twitter simply provides its method of sampling 100 accounts and how they turn out to be real, the deal should continue under the original conditions,” Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday.

“However, if it turns out that their statements to the SEC [US stock market regulator] are indeed false, that cannot be the case,” he warned.

Elon Musk had signed a 44 billion dollar agreement to buy the social network, before breaking it unilaterally in early July.

He believes that Twitter lied about the proportion of automated accounts and spam on its platform and claims even that the social network has “frauded” by voluntarily increasing the number of monetizable accounts.

“I challenge Parag Agrawal [CEO of Twitter] to publicly discuss the percentage of fake accounts on Twitter,” the whimsical Tesla boss also tweeted.

“Let him prove to the public that Twitter has less than 5% of daily users who are false or undesirable,” he added.

A legal battle has now been launched. A trial is scheduled to begin on October 17 in the Delaware Court of Chancery, a court specializing in business law, and it is expected to last five days.

Twitter has indeed sued the most world's richest to force him to honor his promise to purchase. The latter counterattacked before the same court with a request to the court to release him from the agreement and to order Twitter to pay him damages.

By the trial, the shareholders of Twitter will meet on September 13 to authorize or not this acquisition, which would represent a substantial added value for shareholders.