Elon Musk responded to the funny new meme

Илон Маск забавно отреагировал на новый мем

He replied in Russian.

Russian TV channel NTV published an article about the strange model of the old “Zhiguli”, seen on the streets of Stavropol: in the video, filmed by an eyewitness, it seems that the machine moves backwards, but in fact, its driver, 18-year-old resident of Nevinnomyssk, was going straight, just swapping the trunk and hood, then the message was responded to by the head of Space X Elon Musk, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to realist.online. Publishing video with the “Lada” on Twitter, members of the media accompanied by his famous meme “How do you like that, Elon Musk?”, writing it in English

The head of Tesla and SpaceX suddenly reacted to this tweet, replying in Russian, “haha awesome”.

Илон Маск забавно отреагировал на новый мем

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