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Elton John at Glastonbury on June 25 for one last UK gig

Elton John in Glastonbury on June 25th for one last gig in the UK


Elton John will headline the Glastonbury Festival on June 25, 2023 for an “ultimate” concert in the United Kingdom, the organization of the famous British musical event announced on Friday. 

“We are incredibly excited to announce that the one and only Elton John will headline” the festival on June 25th at Glastonbury “for what will be the final concert at the UK on his last tour,” the festival tweeted.

This is the first time that Elton John, 75, will take part, said Emily Eavis, organizer and daughter of the founder, on Twitter. of the festival which normally takes place every year in the South West of England.

“We will close the festival by marking this huge moment for our two respective histories with an unforgettable farewell”, he said. she added. 

The multi-hit British megastar will then wrap up her global farewell tour in Europe in early July dubbed 'Farewell Yellow Bri ck Road”.

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