Eman : The Alaclair without a Whole

Eman : L’Alaclair sans son Ensemble

The rapper Eman is alone the time of the album entitled “1036” tinkered with his hands. An issue with accents of soul and jazzy as he balanced on the canvas last week.

Within Alaclair Ensemble, Eman is needed really as the quiet strength, a strong point. Constant and still strong in the mouth, he takes out his verses with phlegm. A calm that contrasts with the force of his words and the extravagance of a Maybe Watson or KNLO. The voice of Eman, it is a bit like gelatin that made the aspic.

“The running gag of Alaclair it’s like Dominique Michel with his “Bye Bye”. With each album, it says it’s going to be our last before taking a break. It is the joke. After that, the next day, we received an offer that you cannot refuse and you say ‘oh shit, here we go again for two years!’. “

Inhabited by doubt, as the ultimate beach evidenced by, Eman decorates his individual success and collective expiration date. His lyrics on this new effort are brutally lucid. The guy has seen snow.

On “Diamonds,” a duet with the vibrant Sarahmée, the rapper déboulonne a taboo tenacious and takes it to the vultures of the music industry. As if all these conversations behind the scenes radiated finally under the lights of the stage.

“I won’t name names, but these people to whom I am referring to will recognize it anyway if they listen to the song. “

“You can do suck [in show business], and there are plenty of artists who are dealing with issues of mental health. They are going to make depression or fall in the fat consumption. However, they will have done nothing other than be burn because they were not able to say no, because they wanted to seize the momentum. It is sad, I think. I have seen it drop several. “

A nod to Accrophone

Creatively very fit, Eman took advantage of the confinement to resume his brushes to paint the self-portrait of the pouch. It is also the one who assembled all the beats, the portions are melodic and rhythmic patterns of this disc.

“On “Hussle”, the number 9, I play the drums, the bass, the guitar… […] I did the album alone at home. I sign all of the music except the last beat to the song ‘Accrophone’. It is Claude Bégin who has done it. He also did the mix and “mastering” of the album. “

The rapper and producer with the stature of Apollo, joined him on this final track, reviving it with Eman to the memories of this “Duo of balcony” that allowed them to make their teeth on the rap scene since 2005. Without “Accrophone”, mine de rien, Quebec would never have had his group of post-rigodon bas-canada. Alaclair Ensemble would not even exist.

The album “1036”, titled in reference to the door of the old apartment by Claude Bégin, has been available since 26 June last.

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