Emergencies: City will identify two shelters

The City of Sherbrooke will have two shelters for emergency situations. This is one of the steps in the deployment of the revised civil security plan presented Monday to the city council.
The sites of these shelters, which would allow to accommodate victims for a few hours in case of crisis, were not identified, but the head of the Fire Protection Service and emergency measures coordinator, Stéphane Simoneau quotes the Julien-Ducharme Center and the Rock Forest Recreation Center as examples. “Ideally they should be at both ends of the city. “

In the meantime, the City has added two new disaster centers to the existing three, namely the Rock Forest Recreation Center and the Brompton Community Center. They are added to the community centers of Immaculate Heart and Françoise-Dunn and the Amédée-Beaudoin Community Hall. “These are not shelters, but places where all partners, such as the Red Cross, firefighters, public transit, the SPCA, can come together to take care of citizens,” says Mr. Simoneau.

Councilor Paul Gingues, would like a second reception center for borough 4 because of the extent of its territory. “We do not have forecasts for more reception centers, because we use public transit to move people when needed to our other facilities,” says Stéphane Simoneau.

Chantal L’Esperance insisted. “Having a center close to home might be reassuring for people. I insist that we look for a second center in the Mont-Bellevue area. ”

Mr. Simoneau agrees that this is not a problem, that this solution would be inexpensive, but that the chosen building must be municipally owned.

Among the new features listed in the revised civil security plan, which replaces the one implemented in 2010, we note the mobile application of civil security management used for three years. It allows crisis managers to obtain reference documents at any time, at any time, in their phone.

“We have also developed interactive maps. For example, if there is a power outage, vulnerable areas may appear for the next hour in all public devices, such as pumping stations. This is often what is difficult to manage: everything that can arise from the power failure. ”

In the same vein, an emergency coordination center is now permanently ready. “Before, when a crisis occurred, it was necessary to connect phones, computers. You will understand that we are falling behind and that we can not be as effective. We also have a calling machine that allows us to draw a perimeter and quickly launch an automated alert or evacuation call to 5000 citizens. ”

The Civil Security Plan is designed to deal with situations ranging from power outages to ice storms, dam breaches, extreme heat, snowstorms and floods. It is used two or three times each year. “In Quebec, we are one of the cities with one of the highest recurrences for using this plan. ”

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