Emilia Clarke has admitted, as it changed the image of the screen heroine of “Game of thrones”

The actress said that she wept after learning about the finale of the last series

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Эмилия Кларк призналась, как ее изменил образ экранной героини "Игры престолов"

Emilia Clarke

The star of the show “Game of thrones” Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen the other day a touching farewell with the project and her character.

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Now, in an interview with EW, the actress confessed that the fate of her character made her cry and rubbed stop! Emilia said that he read the scene with the death of daenerys Targaryen seven times, because I just couldn’t understand.

“I was crying. I had to walk. I left the house, took the keys and phone, and came back with blisters on the feet. I walked for five hours and thinking about how I can handle this,” recalled the actress.

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The star also admitted that on the reading of the script sat down opposite Keith Harrington, who knew nothing and wanted to know about the finale with the entire cast. “He cried when found out. It’s great that he did not read the script in advance,” said Clark.

Emilia said that she had a hard time to accept the changes to daenerys Targaryen for the worse. “Reading the comments about it, I had to remind myself that people are talking about Danny and not me,” admitted Clark.

Эмилия Кларк призналась, как ее изменил образ экранной героини "Игры престолов"

Emilia Clark as Daenerys Targaryen

She explained that after so many years of participation in the “Game of thrones” began to identify themselves with the character, put the character a part of himself and believed in its ideals. “After I learned about the fate of Daenerys, I called my mom and brother and with tears in her voice began to ask strange questions because I could not tell you about what I read in the script. They could not understand why I want to know if Daenerys people that think about it people, and why I care so much,” told Emilia Clarke.

Earlier, Emilia Clarke spoke about how uncomfortable she was during filming sex scenes with Keith Harrington.

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