Emilia Clarke naked in Game of Thrones : it swings on the scenes filming

Emilia Clarke nue dans Game of Thrones : elle balance sur le tournage des scènes

Game of Thrones : Emilia Clarke nude in the series, she balances on the filming of these scenes

His first steps in the world of Game of Thrones have not been easy to live in for Emilia Clarke. The interpreter of Daenerys comes from the entrust, to turn nude for the needs of the scenario could be complicated to manage in everyday life.

Nudity is difficult to assume

To give life to her character of Daenerys in the series Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke has been forced to give him by being totally naked in many scenes throughout the seasons. A situation she could understand, but that has not always been easy to live with.

This in the tv show “Armchair Expert” – a podcast with Dax Shepard, she has confessed that they felt trapped by their inexperience in his debut in the series : “I was just coming out of drama school and I approached this role as a normal job : whether it is in the script, is that it is necessary. (…) I had the idea of nudity before [reading the script], but when he then had to do it… I had never set foot on such a platform before. And there, I found myself completely naked surrounded by all these people, without knowing what/how to do, what was expected of me“.

A complicated situation with the seasons

Fortunately, while the actress was struggling to assume such scenes at the time and felt not necessarily legitimate for such a role [nude or not], it could count on the support of Jason Momoa, the interpreter of Khal Drogo, which is always present to reassure her and remind her that it was logical not to feel at ease in the face of that : “It was really difficult. It is for this reason that these scenes, when I had to turn out with Jason, was amazing because he told me, ‘No, my chip, this is not [scenes] normal’ and I ‘ohhh‘”.

A very important support for Emilia Clarke, all the more that his professionalism had suddenly turned against her. At a certain point, the production asked for still more, that she could no longer bear it : “I have had disputes on the plateau where I said, ‘No, the sheets remain in place,’ and they said ‘do You still want to not disappoint the fans of Game of Thrones’, to which I replied ‘fuck off !‘”. What explain its various rants launched between 2013 and 2016.

A real experience gained in the series

However, don’t worry, Emilia Clarke is not a party angry with the creators. To the contrary, as we have seen in the last few seasons, she did not hesitate to get back to naked in front of the camera for the needs of the scenario. She recalled, even if those sequences are still difficult for her today, Game of Thrones has, however, been very formative : “I have enough experience now to know if it is necessary or not. And I was also protected by the series through its history which was to a very high level, and the people we hired that were at a very high level [of professionalism]“.

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