Émilie Fournier: eclectic tastes

Émilie Fournier: des goûts éclectiques

Co-host of the new broadcast Station Potluck on Zest, Emilie Fournier from the good small dishes to us about his other guilty pleasure : books !

All genres, what are the novels that you have the longest haunted ?

The catch-hearts of J. D. Salinger. A classic of literature and a book I read in secondary school as part of my concentration in intensive English. My instructor Paul was really a highlight for me and it is he who made us read it. It is in his course that I realised that I liked to analyze and dissect things down to summarize then. Skills that would be good practice for what I’m doing in life today !

The Bird of fire , Edward Stewart. My mother, who reads a lot, had this brick. I remember that this is one of the first I read and I was very adult to read a “big book” ! I have been dancing for nearly 15 years, it was my first forum. I am, therefore, clearly projected in the main characters, two ballerinas who must cope with the demands of the environment.

The Lord of the rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of these works, but my father asked his three children to read at the time where movies are released in the cinema. At home, we didn’t make us read books of princess, my sister and me. They were books of the genre and movie style Batman or Star Wars. I’ve always found it hard as my father does not distinguish between titles for his girls or his guys. I think it has forged our character.

The mysteries of China, a roman youth of Chrystine Brouillet. It was the first novel in good and due form that I have read. I remember the colorful cover, the image that I made of the tea box, which is discussed in the narrative. Later in my life, I have had the privilege of working with Chrystine at Salut Bonjour Week-End. We even took the train together several times between Montreal and Quebec city to go to the show. I have always been impressed by the smoothness and the precision with which works this woman. It is unique in its kind, as it is written.

You have read a few good books recently ?

► The poetic narrative Hiroshimoi of Veronique Grenier. I love his pen : gross and current. It tells the story of a break in the rules of art, sometimes with aggressiveness, and later, with nostalgia. It represents very well the stories in love of our time. I find that his poetry is accessible because it is true and represents well the people of my generation. It reads a line and it sticks to the skin.

The parent company of Alexandre Soublière, the us has also offered to Charlotte Before Christ. There is everything there : love, action, fantastic, and substantive issues ! An exercise in writing a complex, but successful. Then, given that the story takes place between Montreal and Vancouver, two cities that I am particularly fond, I felt myself drawn. I find that the question of identity raised by the author is very relevant. It is part of the discussions I have with friends : if we remove the French, que reste-t-il of our culture ?

You have a few cookbooks fetishes ?

I love cookbooks ! I flipped through like magazines, fashion, my other great passion. The first that I have received prior to leaving apartment, it is The crust broken of Mariève Desjardins and Marie-Michelle Garon. Each parent should provide it to her child when he leaves the nest. A book of cooking and uninhibited fun that allows you to make grocery stores and food that taste good, even when you don’t have a penny and you should do your shopping at the convenience store. The bread stuffed with parmesan and artichokes follows me in many potlucks and even the odds after all these years !

Also, I always joke that, more, I dream to become Josée di Stasio. I love his books. I love it ! His attention to the small things, the simple pleasures, the meetings around the table inspire me. I literally adopted her recipe of cake with parmesan and herbs (there is here a passion for the bakery and the cheese ha, ha !). In short, in all the books of Jenna, it is as if we were travelling in Italy. (No chicane with Stefano there !)

What is it that you promise to read soon ?

The book that I most look forward to reading, it is a business Man in spite of myself, the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. We often forget that it’s a Québécois who founded this well-known international company with values that align with mine. Entrepreneurship appeals to me more and more and I love the philosophy behind this company. It is inspiring to see the ways of doing different from these people. It must be said that with the current context, where we inquired about our mode of life and consumption, this book is quite relevant.

Finally, what is the book that has the most “lived” in your library ?

The book on the work of Yves Saint Laurent, David Teboul. A superb item that I found at a garage sale for a few dollars. I think that is what gives it its charm ! I plunged into it often for inspiration. Saint-Laurent is a character that I will fascinate always. His contribution to the contemporary fashion is huge. I even had the chance to visit his workshop in Paris.

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