Emilie (Married at first sight 2022) boycotted by the other candidates because of Frédérick? Candidates respond

After threatening to file a complaint against Frédérick, then announcing her desire to reconcile with him and turn the page, Emilie revived the problems. While all of the Married at First Sight 2022 contestants recently reunited for a secret shoot, she implied they boycotted her because of her ex-husband Frédérick. Info or intox ? Eddy (husband of Jennifer) and Hugo (husband of Alicia), who are also in season 6 of MAPR, reacted on Instagram.

Season 6 of Married at First Sightis still being broadcast on M6, but all the candidates (with the exception of the duo Caroline & Axel who have spent the last few weeks bickering) have already met for a new shoot organized on June 10, 2022 in Paris. For the time being, the concept around this meeting of candidates for season 6 of MAPR is not yet known (could it be the assessment?), but this one already does a lot speak.

Emilie boycotted by the candidates of Married at first sight 2022?

In question ? According to the first images that have been revealed on everyone's social networks, it seems that Emilie – Frédérick's ex-wife who recently threatened to file a complaint against him, was sidelined during this reunion. . And it was not the latter who came to extinguish the rumour.

On the contrary, questioned this weekend on this possible boycott on the part of the other candidates of Married at First Sight 2022against him, Lina's mother did not hesitate to imply in Instagram story that they had surely been manipulated by Frédérick, “ If a person judges me without knowing me just on a single sound of bell then she's not smart and so much the better if she stays in her corner. I don't need anyone to move forward and I don't need to belong to a group to exist“. Hum, good atmosphere.

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Eddy and Hugo (MAPR) deny Emilie's innuendo

So did the Season 6 tape of Married at First Sight consciously sideline Emilie on the simple word of her ex-husband Frédérick? At first glance, the answer is… no. If no one denies the lack of affinity with the young mother, this would in no way be linked to her history with her ex-husband. “Emilie and I just don't talk to each other”, recalled Eddy this Sunday, June 12 on Instagram even though he received many questions on the subject. “We didn't speak before. We exchanged two messages, where she replied quickly.” In other words, there was already no connection between them before.

Jennifer's husband then clarified, he has “absolutely nothing against her, no worries“, but he refutes his theory of the influence that would have been led by Frédérick during this meeting, “Frédérick didn't tell us about her at all (neither badly nor goodly). I'm smart enough not to take sides in stories that don't concern me< /em>“.

Then, after recalling that social networks in no way reflect reality, “Your perception of things stops at our stories“, Eddy said in particular saw Hugo, another participant of MAPR, approve of his remarks. Also on Instagram, Alicia's companion Hugo confided, “Ditto for me, to answer all the messages on the subject“.

The debate is closed . For now…