Émilie Perreault : a call to hope for the artists

Émilie Perreault : un appel à l’espoir pour les artistes

MONTREAL – Despite some announcements optimistic of the ministry of Culture, on Monday, several artists claim to stay in the nothingness regard to the resumption of their activities. Also dismayed that they, as an avid consumer of art, one of their most faithful allies, the journalist and cultural Émilie Perreault, called, however, to patience and to hope.

Each thing in its time, considers wisely the moderator of the “Do useful work”.

“I have more hope than concern. He should just accept the uncertainty. And, if there are people who are often in the face of uncertainty, what are the artists,” says Émilie Perreault, compassionate, in an interview.

The art as a valve

The contributor to “This year”, which covered the culture as a reporter for both the radio (98,5) to the tv (TQS, HERE ARTV) for nearly fifteen years, has made the valuation of art, its professional mission. In “Do useful work”, it demonstrates how visual works, television, theatre, music, literary and other have had a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable people, shaken, or simply inspired by one personality in particular.

Shocked to find themselves at the dawn of a summer without festivals for the first time in his life, Émilie Perreault remains optimistic for the revival of the cultural industry when off the big black cloud of the COVID-19.

“It is sure that, as a person who loves to go see shows, it makes you dizzy, grants-t-it. One wonders at what point we will be able to be in one place and cheer all at the same time. But, time and again, I say to myself that he must be deprived of something to realize how much we love it. I think the summer one will live, we will appreciate it even more next year.”

Emilia expresses happiness at what point the culture has been an outlet for many in the early days of the pandemic.

“I have the impression that it has been the lifeline of many people : listening to music, watching movies and series, reading books… I know that some people have difficulty concentrating, because it is true that the situation is a little anxiety provoking, but it is as if, suddenly, the culture had become even more useful.”

Need art

But, no urgency in his eyes, she pleads to be “in the team of patience.” Of course, she would like that the cultural milieu is saved from a snap of the fingers, but the situation of pandemic that we live in is unprecedented, she says.

It nevertheless hopes that the crisis will cause the public to consume more local art, now, and that generosity which are currently proof to a lot of artists will culminate not in a form of laziness in the viewer.

“I understand that artists complain a little bit about the volunteer work that they must do in this moment. It is not necessary to think that from now on, we will no longer need to go to a concert because the artist has to get out on his balcony, and that it is equivalent. Me, as a girl who loves the arts, the performance of Alfa Rococo on her balcony, in Rosemont, has done me well. I loved their show, but it is sure that I really look forward to going to see them at the Francos! I think it is a good time to realize how much we need art, and I hope that citizens will make their way to this level.”

The first season of “Doing useful work” is in play HERE Radio-Canada Télé on Saturday, 14 h. The second season, starring Guylaine Tremblay, Louis-José Houde, Alexandra Stréliski, Shoots the coyote, Sophie Cadieux, Denis Villeneuve, David Goudreault and Alexia Bürger, among others, will be broadcast on the same antenna as of August 15, after a first presentation to ICI ARTV last fall.

Émilie Perreault fignole moreover, with Monic Nero, the documentary “The perfect victim”, in support of victims of sexual assault. His podcasts, “Why Julie?” and “hey, howís it going?” can always be heard at QUB and Apple, among other platforms.

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