Émily Bégin would have liked to be Émilie, Geneviève, Lola and Stella

Émily Bégin would have liked to be &Eacirc;milie, Geneviève , Lola and Stella


Émily Bégin's main TV memories date back to the 1990s, a decade rich in Quebec series where the characters did not allow themselves to be imposed. And many strong women had assets to greatly please him.

Émily, which shows marked you when you were young?

As a teenager, there were Chambres en ville, Watatatow and Caleb's Girls, which I listened to with my mother. Also the sequel, White. They were all powerful series. I also listened to La petite vie with my parents. There have been all the Launch and count. At my parents' cottage, we still have the TV movie set. My dad and my brother played hockey for a long time so it was a big part of my life. Even younger, I watched Robin and Stella.

You were watching very diversified productions…

Yes, I remember that during the 1990s. I have few memories of the 1980s, other than when I went on the show < em>Nathalie's mini-starsin 1989 where I made my first performance on TV. I loved Nathalie's village.

What were you looking for in front of the TV?

If I refer to the people in City Rooms and Watatatowlanc, they were a bit older than me, but I liked the student life. For Caleb's Daughters and Blanche, I found it intriguing to see what was happening at the time with characters like Émilie Bordeleau and Oliva… I fell completely in love with Roy Dupuis. And I'm thinking of Diva, with Caroline Néron and Jacynthe René… Wow! From a young age, I had an interest in fashion.

Is there a character in the one of those shows you would have liked to play?

I remember that Caroline Néron [alias Stella, NDLR] in Diva was the beautiful girl with “ torque” and a motorcycle. I loved this girly characterwith a little masculine side. Like Émilie Bordeleau, we all wanted to be teachers at some point. At that time, there were long dresses, horses, small houses with large families… Also, the role of Lola in Chambres en ville was remarkable. And I liked that of Patricia Paquin, Geneviève the skier. When I was young, I was very athletic; I was a gymnast. I found myself a little in her.

What universe would you like children to discover?

Children have such an openness to the world now, with the internet… When I feel like making them listen music videos, I go to YouTube. I don't need MusiquePlus anymore […] I'm very nostalgic, but as the mother of a boy, two stepsons and a stepdaughter, I have to keep up with my times.

Although the season of If We Still Loved Each Other has just ended in VAT, it is possible to see Émily Bégin and her lover, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, in the docu-reality With no plan! offered on True. In addition, Émily Bégin “throws herself into the void” with a first lead role in a TV series, FEM, which will be broadcast on Unis TV during the winter of 2024. She will play a singer of past glory who returns to her Franco-Ontarian childhood village following the death of her mother.