Eminem broke the record for speed reading rap

Эминем побил свой рекорд по скорости чтения рэпа

The most popular white rapper has set a new world record, breaking his own record.

American rapper Eminem together with singer Nicki Minaj recorded the verse for her track Majesty. In it, the singer broke its own speed record readings. It is reported portal Genius.

Journalists counted the number of syllables in the recorded passage. He has 123 syllable, which the rapper had to perform for 12 seconds. This means that the speed readings are 10.3 syllables per second. Previously, Nicki Minaj stated that meets with Eminem

On the YouTube channel of MUSIC was published the track slowed down half. In the fourth minute 13 seconds you can hear how much different the temp readings of the rapper from the rest of the track.

The previous record set by Eminem in the track Rap God, where the velocity readings of 9.6 per syllable per second.

He is listed in the Guinness Book of records. Since publication in 2013, the music video for the track was collected 738 million views.

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