Eminem : his daughter Hailie unveils her boyfriend Evan McClintock, the viewers clashent

Eminem : sa fille Hailie dévoile son boyfriend Evan McClintock, les internautes le clashent

Eminem : his daughter Hailie Jade Mathers appears her boyfriend Evan McClintock, people mock of her look

On the occasion of its 24 years, the daughter of Eminem has posted a rare photo of her and her boyfriend. If people are fans of the beautiful Hailie Jade Mathers, on the other hand, they are made fun of her boyfriend Evan McClintock. They have violently clashed the son of a rapper on his beard and his chin.

The daughter of Eminem shows his beloved

For 23 years, the daughter of Eminem had posted a beautiful birthday photo showing how much she has grown. Hailie Jade Scott Mathers her full name was once again shared with its many subscribers in Instagram a beautiful shot to celebrate her 24 years old (it was Christmas day, December 25 2019). Except that this year, it has shown to the side of his companion Evan McClintock. A way of publicly declaring her love for her boyfriend, by posting a rare snapshot of the man.

On the two photos that Hailie was published, the followers may see the daughter of Eminem in the company of her lover, both sitting in a diner american. On the first picture, they are glued one to the other and on the second photo they are holding hands looking at each other lovingly. But what marked internet users, it is the face of the boyfriend.

The boyfriend of Hailie are made to tackle

Except that the subscribers of the daughter of the rapper have not retained the love that emanates from these two shots. This is especially the beard and the chin of Evan who was surprised. They are much made fun of him in the comments, finding that it is less beautiful than Hailie. They have stated, inter alia, in the clashant : “This guy has a huge chin. Nobody else has noticed ?”, “Justin Timberlake has a funny beard this year”, “His chin is ridiculous”, “This guy is shaved, as in the 1970s”, “His style… How did your father let you go out with a guy who has a mustache and a chin like that ?” and “I can totally imagine Eminem to write a verse about how much the facial hair of this guy is horrible”.

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