Eminem : new album in 2020 ?

Eminem : un nouvel album en 2020 ?

Eminem be back soon with a new album ?

After the flop of “Revival” and the home rather positive “Kamikaze”, carried by the sounds of Venom, Good Guy, Fall, and Lucky You, Eminem is back soon ! If one believes one of its producers, the american rapper would be working at the moment on a new album, which would mark the eleventh of his collection.

In December 2017, Eminem thought to come back strong with his album, “Revival”, but unfortunately for him, his project was shot down by the criticism. The reception was rather bad on the side of the fans and journalists in spite of the pieces of effective River feat with Ed Sheeran, Walk on Water with BeyoncĂ© and Framed. A year later, Slim Shady has decided to settle accounts with all the haters with the opus surprise “Kamikaze” composed of securities Venom, Good Guy with Jessie Reyes, Fall, and Lucky You. A speech heard and well-received by his admirers.

Eminem busy preparing a new album

After this digression on the flop and revenge, Eminem, who has collaborated a second time with Ed Sheeran on ‘ No.. 6 Collaborations Project”, seems to be ready to move on to something else and move forward. He would have returned to the studio to work on his new album, the eleventh of his career, if we are to believe his producer S1 (or Symbolic 1). “I don’t have much information on this subject, but I work a lot with Eminem. The artists are always very discrete and secret, but I just know that it has beaten a lot of records, so we’ll see what will happen“, he confided to Hip Hop N More before adding that the album could come out this year. Eminem has nothing confirmed for the moment.

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