Emma Mackey (Sex Education) speaks on his adolescence : “I was not popular”

Emma Mackey (Sex Education) se confie sur son adolescence : "Je n'étais pas populaire"

Emma Mackey (Sex Education) speaks on his adolescence : “I was not popular”

While the season 2 of Sex Education will be launched this Friday 17 January 2020 on Netflix, Emma Mackey (performer Maeve) was entrusted on his adolescence in a recent interview with Glamour magazine. Was she popular at school ? In which group of friends she was with ? The actress responds.

You are ready for the season 2 of Sex Education ? Otis, Maeve, Eric, Aimee, Adam, and other teens are back this Friday on Netflix ! The program of this new season ? A new look for the character of Emma Mackey, of the galleys for Otis, the military school for Adam, or the evolution of the relationship between Ola and Otis. Fans of the series hope especially that Maeve and Otis will as a couple : “It seems to maybe possibly go in this direction“, has also entrusted Asa Butterfield to TV Guide. Fingers crossed !

Emma Mackey popular at school ? She confides

In the meantime to discover season 2 of Sex Education on Netflix, Emma Mackey continues the promotion of the show : she has granted an interview to Glamour Magazine in which she speaks of the aftermath, but also of his character. Besides, the actress was also lonely and asserted that Maeve when she was a teenager ? “At school I was not popular“, she explains before adding : “I thought I would be part of the students are cool, but I had the chance to be in a small school that was relatively relaxed. There were no true clans.

Emma Mackey continues : “I’ve always been an outsider just because I didn’t want to involve me in the drama. I wasn’t interested. I was reading just books and studying a lot, but it was not me, someone strange. I selected my friends carefully. Now, I don’t really know what is my relationship with the popularity, so to speak.

“It’s really important to take time for yourself”

The star of Sex Education has always preferred the “solitude” : “to Make the decision to spend time alone was beneficial to them (…) The drawing is back in my life. I draw again, which I haven’t done for years. I think it is really important to take time for yourself. I know that it is a luxury and I know everyone does not have the time to do it, but it can be just 10 minutes per day, where you are away from your phone.

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