Emmanuelle Bercot guest of the festival A director in the city in July in Nîmes

Emmanuelle Bercot guest of the festival A director in the city in July in Nîmes

Emmanuelle Bercot guest of the festival A director in the city in July in Nîmes

La réalisatrice Emmanuelle Bercot. – Michèle Bloch-Stuckens

Lancée en 2005 avec Bertrand Blier pour inaugurer le festival de cinéma Un réalisateur dans la ville, la manifestation qui permet gratuitement au public d’assister à des projections aux jardins de la Fontaine accueillera l’été prochain la réalisatrice et actrice Emmanuelle Bercot.

With a slight shift in the date (it will take place this year from July 21 to 24 instead of the last days of the month), the A director in the city festival chaired by Sophie Rigon will allow the general public to attend’ nbsp;free of charge at the Jardins de la Fontaine for a cycle of four screenings.

Emmanuelle Bercot, director, actress and screenwriter

To succeed Jean-Pierre Améris, present in Nîmes during the summer of 2023, the festival A director in the city is calling for the second time in its history on a director, Danièle Thomson, invited in 2016 , having so far been only the only representative of cinema to appear in the credits of the event. For the next cycle of screenings, it was Emmanuelle Bercot who was chosen, personality of the 7th art having, during her career, taken on the role of director, actress and screenwriter.

Nearly twenty films on his business card

Having signed a cinematographic work for the first time in 1995 with "True Romanès", a short film, Emmanuelle Bercot has since directed nearly twenty films. opus including, in recent years, "She s’en va", La Tête haute", "La fille de Brest" and "During his lifetime". Among the great French personalities of cinema who have recently and on several occasions been directed by the director are Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Magimel.

A work awarded twice at the Cannes Film Festival

Among the many distinctions received by Emmanuelle Bercot, those crowned at Cannes highlight the different aspects of her talent. In 1997, the short film "Les vacances" was rewarded by the jury, and in 2015 the prize for female performance was given to her for her role in the film "Mon roi". For the festival which will take place in Nîmes from July 21 to 24, she will soon communicate the works that she has selected for the screenings taking place in the Fontaine gardens.

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