“Emmy 2019”: “Game of thrones” has received ten awards

In addition to “Game of thrones” received the awards the series “Chernobyl”, the film “Leaving Neverland” and “Our planet”

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"Эмми 2019": "Игра престолов" получила десять наград премии

May 19, HBO revealed the series finale of “Game of thrones”

In Los Angeles rocked a two-day award ceremony of the prize “Emmy 2019” in minor and technical categories. The cult TV series “Game of thrones”, which previously received as many as 32 nominations for the Emmy, won in ten categories. This was reported on the official website of the award.

Learn more about “Game of thrones” is not the first year is a record number of nominations:

So, “Game of thrones” was recognized as the best in the category of Creative Arts. The series was awarded for best cast, best visual effects, best costumes, best makeup, best soundtrack and sound work, the work of the stuntmen design screensavers and casting, and others. Besides “Game of thrones” became the most nominated program, not only in 2019, but in the history of the “Emmy” for one year!

"Эмми 2019": "Игра престолов" получила десять наград премии

“Game of thrones”

Seven award-winning documentary “Free-solos the National Geographic”. Comedy series “the Amazing Mrs. Meisel” was awarded with six awards.

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Awards were also given to the television program Queer Eye, the show “Our planet”, the film “Leaving Neverland”. Seven awards went to the series “Chernobyl”.

The oldest winner of the award “Emmy” in 2019 was 97-year-old writer and producer Norman Lear. American chef, writer and TV host Anthony Bourdain received a posthumous award for the program for CNN, “Anthony Bourdain.Unknown part”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the award ceremony “Emmy 2019”, the nominees for which were announced earlier, will be without leading.

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"Эмми 2019": "Игра престолов" получила десять наград премии

"Эмми 2019": "Игра престолов" получила десять наград премии

"Эмми 2019": "Игра престолов" получила десять наград премии


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