Employee fired for hanging a noose

Employé congédié pour avoir suspendu un nœud coulant

An employee of the company Lafarge, in the borough of Saint-Laurent, has been terminated after you have installed a noose at the work station of his fellow quebecers of haitian origin.

First suspended without pay in the morning for the purposes of an investigation, the worker was ultimately laid at the door of the manufacturer of building materials. “It was the only thing to do. It shows that we have a zero tolerance of discrimination,” says a spokesperson for Lafarge.

The employee would be suspended from a noose — the symbol painful that is reminiscent of the lynching of Blacks in the United States — at the place where his colleague Allonde Jr Georges park, normally his truck 12-wheel. The incident dates back to June 12.

Mr. George, who has subsequently filed a complaint with her employer, tale having gone through several “microagressions” that are racist at their place of work, but thought it would never be faced with a gesture “as a blatant and direct”.

During the weeks that followed, he remembers having had to watch her back constantly, because he didn’t know who was the responsible of this act and that the company had not been tracking previously.

Allonde Jr George

“Too late”

Even if he strongly denounced the gesture that he sees as an “incitement to hatred”, Allonde Jr George is not in favor of the dismissal of his colleague from work.

“This was not necessary,” he says. The person has 25 years of seniority. She has made a mistake, but it does not justify [his removal].”

Mr. Georges is especially outraged by the delayed reaction of his employer, a dismissal he perceives as a way of saving the furniture.

The 31-year-old stresses have been entitled to an apology from his colleague at a meeting held Wednesday morning.

The importance of denounce

If Allonde Jr George wished to publicly report this act of racism, it is in part for his children. “They saw their father standing up against injustice”, said the one who will soon be a father for the fourth time.

It is also for his mother, of haitian origin, who has endured racism in silence for years. “She cried every day coming home from work,” laments there. “But our generation, this is not the same thing. We are not afraid to talk about it.”

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