Employees confused after months of a pandemic

Des préposés troublés après des mois de pandémie

Compulsory overtime, lack of staff and sometimes of equipment : COVID-19 has not spared health workers in Quebec.

A recent survey of the national Institute of public health shows that health care workers consider themselves more at risk of contracting the COVID, their level of psychological distress is higher and they consume more alcohol than ordinary citizens since the beginning of the pandemic.

Workers encountered by TVA News, Sunday, are divided as to the result of this survey.

“For me, personally, no. For some floors, yes. It really depends on where you’re located, in fact,” says a worker.

“It is more difficult since the beginning of the COVID, it is true. But it is going well,” says another man.

“It is sure that it is a lot more management a lot more paperwork. It is really more complex, just returning to work. But it can be managed well when the same”, thinks a young worker.

According to the trade Union of workers of the CIUSSS of the National Capital, several employees have been traumatized by the first wave of COVID and fear now a second wave in the fall.

“People are demoralized, people are tired,” exclaimed Richard Boissinot, spokesman for the union.

The workers complained that many of the programs announced by the government are insufficient or temporary.

“Currently, all we offer, it is all things that are ephemeral. So, even the new people who will return this fall, they will be disillusioned, there! Because when the health crisis will be completed, premiums will fall. It is ephemeral, of the premiums. It takes a real salary. And good conditions, of course, but it takes a real pay,” says Mr. Boissinot.

The direction of the CIUSSS said to understand the sacrifices of its employees and ensures that the measures will be put in place to mitigate the effects of a potential second wave.

We still do not know if Quebec will know this famous second wave of COVID-19.

In the meantime, the public health experts believe that the best way to prevent it is to follow the instructions of the social distancing and wearing a mask.

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