Employees “essential” show to request financial assistance

Des employés « essentiels » manifestent pour demander une aide financière

New York | thousands Of employees deemed “essential” during a pandemic – often black or hispanic – were called to protest Monday in a score of american cities, to denounce the racial inequalities and to seek the adoption of a federal plan that will sustain them financially.

In New York, they were a hundred to parade in front of the Trump International Hotel, a hotel president Donald Trump at the foot of Central Park, to call for the adoption of the “Heroes Act” (” the law of the heroes “), a plan to aid titanic that provides new direct payments for american homes hard by the pandemic.

This bill was voted on in mid-may by the House of representatives democratic majority, but is blocked from the Senate to a republican majority.

Among the New Yorkers who marched under a sweltering heat Monday were nurses, doormen, security officers or cleaning…trades all considered to be essential during the pandemic: even the worst of the containment, they had to continue working, despite the increased risk of contamination to the coronavirus.

“We have been in the front line of the pandemic, we want to be heard. We said “Thank you”, but it gives us nothing in exchange. I am the only one in my family to work, it is not fair that I put my family in danger without seeking compensation, ” said in Spanish to the AFP Irving Leon, 30, who does housekeeping in a hospital in new york city.

Other actions were planned for Monday, including in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle or Los Angeles, according to the Service Employees International Union, one of the unions involved in the organisation of this day.

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