Employees report unsafe conditions in a residence for seniors

Des employés dénoncent des conditions dangereuses dans une résidence pour aînés

 Employees of the private seniors ‘ residence Chartwell Bois-de-Boulogne located in Montreal, condemn strongly the deplorable living conditions in which residents find themselves in due to the lack of staff.

Basic care for the poor, housekeeping is neglected, the residents have to sleep with a dirty diaper, lack of personnel has become dangerous; such are the claims supported by employees of the residence Chartwell, who agreed to speak under cover of anonymity for fear of reprisals at their place.

These employees encountered by TVA Nouvelles should not demand anything less than an independent inquiry to shed light on this worrying situation.

These even claim that the management of the establishment, attempts to conceal cases of contamination to the COVID-19.

During an interview with TVA News, one of my employees has urged the government to come in and visit the residence to “they can see for themselves the state of emergency.”

“It is dangerous. I have my mother, I have my grand-mother, I have aunts. I never would have wished that they live in such conditions”, if is sorry for another employee.

The syndicat québécois des employees and employees of service (SQEES), affiliated with the FTQ, said that the residents of the residence Chartwell Bois-de-Boulogne “to bear the brunt of the lack of staff”.

“It is irresponsible that an employer may not be able to provide a service that maintains the dignity of its residents. […] Employers, if not the public authorities, must ensure a strong enhancement of the working conditions and wages of these women, often immigrant women. Otherwise, they go to work elsewhere and the shortage of labour continues to worsen”, one can read in a statement from the union.

An employee in the housekeeping of the residence Chartwell Bois-de-Boulogne earns the minimum wage of 13,10 per hour, whereas a patient care attendant is hired with a wage of $ 14.24, added the union.

The minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais, has responded on Twitter by saying that it “takes very seriously the accusations of the staff”.

“I’m already in contact with the CIUSSS and the establishment. Audits are ongoing,” she assured, adding, “I’ll repeat it often enough : there is ZERO TOLERANCE in the face of the abuse of our elders.”

The management defends itself

On the side of the residence in question, it ensures that the directorate has the staff necessary to provide “residents with the services and care corresponding to their needs, including the sufficient number of attendants to residents to ensure the quarters day and night.”

“Of disciplinary notices have been given only if the working conditions have not been met, for example in relation to attendance at work where an absence has not been notified sufficiently in advance or justified”, one can read in the declaration of the residence.

The direction said to be in negotiations with union representatives regarding the renewal of the collective agreement of the employees to “arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement”.

Chartwell is the largest owner and manager of seniors ‘ residences in Canada. The company has 181 establishments.

-With information from Andy St-André

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