Enchanting Khayat returned to the stage of national selection – Ukrainians are happy, the judges in ecstasy

Khayat феерично вернулся на сцену Нацотбора - украинцы в восторге, судьи в экстазе

Khayat, a screenshot from the video

today, 07:59

To storm the second time the national selection for Eurovision 2020 decided the singer Khayat. He acted in the second semifinal, February 15, under the sixth room.

“Returning is always harder than coming for the first time. I have the most important task this year – I have not to disappoint the spectators who were waiting for me”, said Hayat.

And it succeeded at 100! He sang a song in English “Call for love”.

Leading Sergey Pritula could not ask Andrey, didn’t beat him in the subway this time, Recalling last year’s incident. Then after talking with Hayat criticized for inappropriate comments.

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“You know how last year you through me chmieli? Came people were screaming that I hurt you” – said Pritula. Although the Hyatt then stood up for the leading. Therefore, Sergei shook it over Andrew’s hand and asked first to give their objective opinion about his speech was Tina Karol, which, incidentally, was his coach in the show “the Voice”.

“I am very grateful to you that you didn’t contact that you have not asked and were not consulted – just preparing myself for the contest. It’s a chain of command. The year you changed. Today you come with a prepared song that is commercial, fun, dance. I am against the girls on stage with you, honestly”, said Carol.

Khayat феерично вернулся на сцену Нацотбора - украинцы в восторге, судьи в экстазе

Tina Karol, a screenshot from the video

“It’s like Tino? Type I live? To other girls, are you?” – immediately put in my two cents Pritula.

“No. I believe that it is possible to combine great bands that we have in Ukraine, and to Bang together. We have Kazaky that cool with you looked,” explained Tina.

Song Hayat praised and Vitaly Drozdov.

Pritula has asked Andrey Danilko to compare the current song Hayat from, because he’s the only judge who saw then a singer.

Khayat феерично вернулся на сцену Нацотбора - украинцы в восторге, судьи в экстазе

The national selection to the Eurovision song contest, photo screenshot from video

“the Last time I actually went, – admitted Danilko. – I don’t like songs without address. You tell one household history: today, the Inca made coffee and makes my old caps a new, and I include her tracks, she noted it was your song. Said nighthouse song from the second semifinal yours, Andrew”.

Danylko added that the Hyatt has made a big step forward.

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