Encouraging results for the plasma convalescent

Des résultats encourageants pour le plasma convalescent

A new american study has shown that the transfusion of plasma convalescent provides some benefit to patients with severe the COVID-19.

The Houston Methodist Hospital was on 28 march last the first medical center in the country to inject the plasma of a person who has been cured of the COVID-19 in another patient, this one was in very bad shape.

Since then, the doctors of this hospital of Texas donated plasma convalescent to 25 patients in the study. Among them, 19, or 76 % of them, have seen their condition improve after treatment, and 11 were finally discharged from the hospital.


These results published a few days ago in theAmerican Journal of Pathology constitute the first scientific publication, peer-reviewed relating to this therapy in the United States.

The authors of the scientific article have not noticed any side effects attributable to the transfusion of this constituent in the blood. This is according to them an avenue to safely help patients in great suffering, even if the specialists agree that it must still be the subject of other studies.

Patients of the Houston Methodist Hospital were treated within a framework of urgent, sometimes because their life depended on it. There was not a second group of patients receiving a placebo, as is the case in controlled clinical trials.

Not new

Doctors have noticed that the benefits of the plasma-convalescent were similar to those observed when administering the remdesivir, this antiviral experimental.

The plasma is a blood product which found antibodies. The treatment is to collect plasma from people who have been cured to inject sick people in the hope that it provides them with passive immunity.

This technique has been used with relative success to combat several viruses precedents, such as the Ebola virus in 2015, and its origins date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

As the antibodies are not being produced by the patients themselves, the protection offered is not as strong as that provided by a vaccine and is usually of short duration. The amount of plasma available is also limited.

In the absence of proven treatment for the COVID-19, the doctors in Texas feel that this therapy has a lot of merits.

A previous study published by the us national Academy of sciences conducted with 10 patients with plasma convalescent pointed also to an improvement of symptoms.

In Canada, a clinical study national continues on this treatment. Héma-Québec continues to seek donors who have recovered from the COVID-19.

— With the QMI Agency

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