Encouraging results for the vaccine Moderna

Résultats encourageants pour le vaccin de Moderna

One of the two experimental vaccines against the COVID-19 for which Canada has reserved a dosage of up to now is the subject of a new promising results following testing on animals.

According to a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, the investigational vaccine mRNA-1273 biotech american Moderna generated in rodents of neutralizing antibodies after two intramuscular injections.

The scientists exposed a group of mice with the coronavirus, five weeks later, and another group 13 weeks later.

In both cases, the vaccine has prevented the replication of sars coronavirus in cells from lungs and nose.

Researchers have also noted the appearance of CD8 cells that are also part of the immune system.

With Pfizer, an american group also, Moderna is one of two companies with which Canada has heard so far to secure millions of doses of experimental vaccines.

However, it is unknown the amount that Canada is willing to pay for these doses nor their precise amount.

These could begin to be delivered in the course of the next year if clinical trials are successful, said Wednesday the minister of public Services and Procurement, and Anita Anand.

Moderna is in the forefront of the global race to discover a vaccine against the COVID-19 with Pfizer and the british university of Oxford, in particular.

A first indication

Animal studies generally precede clinical trials on humans and are intended to give a first indication about the security and safety of the product, although this does not guarantee the effect of the vaccine in humans next.

These results are published ten days after Moderna has begun the final phase of human testing, which will involve 30 000 participants and that will seal the future of the program.

Cautious optimism

A week ago, the american company also made another study according to which its candidate vaccine had triggered an immune response “robust” in primates.

Recall that the technology used by Moderna has yet to be proven, since it has never proven to be effective against other viruses.

For their part, the canadian authorities have warned that the vaccination should not be seen as a miracle solution against the pandemic, especially because the vaccines may not be accessible to everyone from the start.

The government therefore considers that the daily lives of the people could be turned upside-down for two to three years.

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The vaccine Moderna

  • One of the most advanced in the world
  • Is based on the technology of messenger RNA, which aims to activate the immune system by providing it with genetic information of the sars coronavirus
  • A phase 3 clinical trial began on the 27th of July in the United States in order to be tested on 30 000 people
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