End of the 1st season: five facts about the last week of “Indefensible”

Season 1 ending: Five facts about the last week of “India ;splitable


There are only four episodes left in the first season of Indefensible, a daily newspaper that made us see all the colors through its trials and its key characters. 

[1] Trial of Judge Clara Fortin

Judge Clara Fortin (Josée Deschênes) is accused of deliberately killing her husband. The sexagenarian, whose trial opens in Monday's episode, pleads that the shot that hit her spouse was in fact aimed at an assailant with whom her spouse was fighting. The Crown, on the contrary, maintains that there was no assailant. She will go after an alleged motive and her tunnel vision, but there will be an unexpected twist. Note that the work of Claude Gagnon (Nathalie Madore), the private detective hired by Me Lapointe (Michel Laperrière) and Me MacDonald (Sébastien Delorme) has been invaluable for the latter two.

[2] Alexis has did he kill Me Legrand?

Just before the holiday break, Me Frédéric Legrand (Martin-David Peters) was shot in the middle of the street leaving the Cabinet Lapointe/MacDonald, in Old Montreal. Since then, Maxime (Mathieu Baron) and Maryse (Marilou Morin) continue their investigation to elucidate his murder. They managed to get hold of the alleged perpetrator of this crime, Alexis (Samuel Côté), the spouse of Jessica (Émilie Lajoie) with whom Legrand had an affair. Maxime and Maryse will try to make him spill the beans. But is Alexis really the culprit, knowing that Jessica's father, Greg (Olivier Aubin), also had reasons to kill Legrand, who was passing information to the police?

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    [3] Big changes for Inès, Marie-Anne and Tatiana

    Inès (Nour Belkhiria) begins her practice with a stunning file, which will give her a life lesson. As a new partner at Cabinet Lapointe/MacDonald, Marie-Anne (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) finally settles in the former office of Me Legrand, which was also occupied by the narcissist Me Boileau (Peter Miller). We met Marie-Anne at the start of the season when she was still in shock at having been attacked by a client, but she has come a long way during this first season and gained confidence. As for Tatiana (Tatiana Zinga Botao), she makes an important decision, inspired by Inès.

    [4] Maxime faces great danger

    By going to buy food at the restaurant, Maxime is taken in spite of himself in the heart of a massacre. He will have no choice but to draw his weapon.

    [5] Operation Dallas

    Maxime has been working on Operation Dallas for six months, which the most attentive viewers have heard about here and there over the past few months. It is finally the outcome of this one in the 120th and last episode of the first season, Thursday, and the whole thing involves Me Cadet (Marilyse Bourke) and Me Janson (Éric Paulhus).

    The writing and filming of the second season are progressing

    The filming of the second season of “Indéfendable”, which we will be able to see from next September on TVA resumed on March 27th. The main cause that will be developed at the start of this one will have taken off in the last episode of the first season and “will shake the whole cabinet”, according to what the script-editor Marc Bisaillon told QMI Agency.

    As for the authors, including the main author Izabel Chevrier, who is the showrunner and one of the producers of the TVA daily in the name of Pixcom, they are working on this moment on storylines that viewers will get to see just before the holiday break. They have already written almost half of the next season.