End of the balance sheets of daily COVID-19 in Quebec

Fin des bilans quotidiens de la COVID-19 au Québec

The government of Quebec announced on June 24, national holiday, he put an end to the balance sheets of daily COVID-19 in the province.

A decision that some may interpret as a lack of transparency, while the new coronavirus is still very much present in the province despite a significant decline in cases.

The montreal journalist specializing in health Aaron Derfel, known to have revealed what was happening at the residence Herron during the pandemic, denounces this way of doing it.

“In a stunning lack of transparency, the Québec announced that it would only make more public each day its numbers for the COVID on infections, deaths and the tests,” he reported in a series of tweets.

The head of the liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, does not explain the decision of the government of quebec. “Everywhere in the world, it monitors a second wave,” she notes.

The interim leader of the Parti québécois, for its part, questioned on Twitter, the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé in the questioning.

“Is that the new Health minister can explain to us where lies the interest of the quebec population not to publish the data on a daily basis ?” asked Pascal Bérubé.

On the field, this new way of doing the balance sheets of the COVID-19 is relevant and has nothing to do with the hiding of the information, according to the head of the department of intensive care, Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, Dr. François Marquis.

“If we still do it on a daily basis, we will simply lose perspective. This is exactly the measure of his child every day, you will not see it grow. If the message is in the population, that people understand : is it that things are improving, deteriorating in function of different places, it takes us a step back. The recoil of a week is appropriate according to me”, he explained in an interview with TVANouvelles.

If an outbreak or a resurgence a significant event were to occur, Dr. Marquis is confident that the health authorities will alert them without hesitation to the population.

“It is to be noted that from June 26, there will be more of a press release announcing the balance sheet daily. These will become weekly and will be issued every Thursday, from the 2nd of July”, said on Wednesday the government by way of press release.

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