End of the grace period for the mask in the transit

Fin du délai de grâce pour le masque dans le transport en commun

As of Monday, the bus driver may refuse a passenger to board if it does not mask or cover your face.

Although the obligation of wearing a mask is in force since 13 July, the Quebecers were able to benefit from a grace period of two weeks.

According to the government decree, it is prohibited for an operator of a public transit service that “to admit a person who is not wearing a cover face or tolerate that she is in a such a means of transportation without wearing one.”

The carrier-compliant are subject to fines ranging from 400 to 6000 $.

The bus drivers, who are in the front line, however, did not want to play the police.

“We have to accept them. It is not the police. It is at their own risk”, supporting a driver of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) met on Sunday.

“Me, I inform him, but I do not oblige him to get out,” says another bus driver.

Moreover, the STM has indicated that it will not adopt a coercive approach to the application of the decree.

“The sharp increase in port covers-face observed in the last weeks tends to confirm that this strategy works,” says a spokesperson for the STM by e-mail.

According to the latest data available, the majority of users of the various transport networks of the greater region of Montreal already carry the cover face.

The rate of people who abide by the decree of 95% for the STM in Montreal, the RTL in Longueuil, quebec, and the STL in Laval.

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