End of the mandatory mask: concerns among immunocompromised people

End of mandatory mask: concerns among immunocompromised


The end of compulsory mask-wearing is of great concern to patients with immunodeficiency who will need to be more vigilant in public places in the future.

“We do not know the vaccine response of each patient. It may differ from person to person. We do not know who is protected and who is not. For these people, to see the wearing of the mandatory mask removed is a shock,” says Geneviève Solomon, Executive Director of the Association of Immunodeficient Patients of Quebec (APIQ).

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End of mandatory mask: concerns among immunocompromised

Photo courtesy, APIQ Geneviève Solomon, Director General of APIQ

While she is delighted to see that we are still getting closer to a normal life, she hopes that Quebecers will show kindness to the most vulnerable, including wearing the mask in case of symptoms of COVID-19 and keeping their distance from those who will wear it.

“The person who wears a mask is not to harm others. It's not nice to wear a mask. If the person is wearing a mask, they need to wear one. To keep a few meters, it remains appropriate with the people who will wear the mask ”, she believes. 


Some identify themselves with an Immunoclip, an “i” that attaches to the mask to warn people of his state of health. 

” It's fun, we're moving on, but we just have to remember that there are more vulnerable people who still have to protect themselves. We want these people to be able to take advantage of this new stage as well,” she concludes.

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