End of the moratorium on evictions of tenants

Fin du moratoire sur les expulsions de locataires

The decisions of the Régie du logement begin to gradually apply and the tenant can be evicted from their apartment.

The judgments of the Régie, which date back to before march 1, can be enforced since Tuesday. Their application had been suspended because of the health crisis.

The minister of municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, has also made it clear that the board decisions made after this date will apply from 20 July.

“The particular situation that we have known has led us to take measures in order to limit the eviction of tenants, as to protect their health is our priority. Now, we can gradually remove measures related to evictions of tenants based on the date of the decisions in question”, she declared by way of press release.

The gradual resumption of evictions and evictions of defaulters has, unsurprisingly, led to a surge in organizations that defend the rights of the tenants.

The Grouping of committees, housing and tenant associations of Quebec (RCLALQ) believes that the moratorium on the decisions of the Régie should instead be extended for at least the next six months, given the difficult economic situation.

“The minister Laforest has the power to make the situation fair for everyone by extending the moratorium, and thus prevent thousands of evictions. The last thing we need on the eve of a second wave of the COVID-19, these are people who are homeless and overcrowded”, said Maxime Roy-Allard, spokesman for the RCLALQ, by issuing a press release.

Recall that the housing situation is particularly difficult this year. The day after the 1st of July, the day of the move, at least 350 households in quebec still had not found a roof for the next year, had returned to the Front of popular action in urban redevelopment (FRAPRU). It was the number of households without a lease is the highest since 2003, according to the organization.

The minister Laforest has suggested that it was aware of this specific situation.

“I remember that from the first months of the pandemic, we have put in place measures to help households, whose income was affected by the COVID-19, to pay their rent, including by making interest-free loans accessible,” she insisted to defend the end of the moratorium on the decisions of the Régie.

The housing authority also will become at the end of August the administrative Tribunal of the housing, an administrative change that should deduct the waiting time for a hearing.

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