End of the research in Saint-Apollinaire: a mayor is relieved, a community shaken

Fin des recherches à Saint-Apollinaire: un maire soulagé, une communauté ébranlée

In the aftermath of the announcement of the suspension of ground searches in order to find Martin Carpentier in Saint-Apollinaire, the community starts slowly in its course of normal life, but remains shaken.

After seeing the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec to respond to more than 1,000 reports and verify more than 700 addresses in 10 days, the mayor Bernard Ouellet breathe a sigh of relief.

“I am reassured a bit this morning. Honestly, I think it’s going to drop a little bit of the fumes and the stress of a lot of people,” he says.

“I say to myself that the excavations have been so intensive that they have worked so hard that there is almost zero risk. Zero risk will never exist, I agree. But me, I’m not worried, the Saint-Apollinaire is well protected,” said Mr. Ouellet.

Canine squad, helicopters, drones, and even the army: the manpower deployed by the police shook this sector normally peaceful.

“Since he is on the loose, one bar all the doors at night,” says a resident of the place.

“I never got this stressed with my children who were outside. There, when they are outside, I am around. I watch a little bit more,” admits a mother.

If some believe that research should continue, others are of the opinion that it may be a new strategy to lure the fugitive.

“Maybe if he hears it, he will feel freer and will go out and make grabbing”, ahead of a man in the neighborhood.

However, the residents stay on the alert.

“It is safe, the world comes here and is all shaken up a bit. You don’t expect it in a corner like that,” says another citizen.

In addition, the mayor Bernard Ouellet reminds people who live a situation of psychological distress they can call the municipality or 811.

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