End of the research land in Saint-Apollinaire: “it is not finished as long as it is not finished”

Fin des recherches terrestres à Saint-Apollinaire: «c’est pas fini tant que c’est pas terminé»

Even if the police have put an end to research land on the side of Saint-Apollinaire to find Martin Carpentier, the investigation is not completed so far.

“Everything leads us to believe that they consider that Mr. Carpentier would not be in the sector or, at least, in a position that was not visible, because with all the technology they have used in the sector and all the techniques of investigation that they have taken, they would have found it if he was here,” said Roger Ferland, a former investigator of the police Department of the City of Quebec (SPVQ).

The latter believes the police “have used all that is possible and necessary in the circumstances” and is convinced that it is now normal that they change their strategy.

“At any given time, there is a logic. It’s no use, when you have scratched the ground, to continue to dig if you expect to not find anything there. You can change strategy, and then you wait, listen, look, observe what will happen, but with other techniques,” he says.

Mr. Ferland is of the opinion that the territory has been combed.

“Overall, the large square that was estimated at 50 km2 was a crime scene in itself. Then a crime scene, it covers all that we have to deal with, there is the research that it takes to do it, but once that is finished, we leave,” he said.

Listen to the full interview of Roger Ferland in the video above.

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